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How Long do Mylar Balloons Keep Afloat?

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Mylar balloons, otherwise referred to as foil balloons, are comprised of two layers of materials. At the base is the Mylar, which is a type of nylon. Covering that is the outer layer, which is thin aluminum. Whether interested in a single balloon, or purchasing balloons in bulk, you have a wide range of exciting colors, sizes, shapes, and graphics. However, the one thing that makes these balloons so fun is that unlike latex balloons that quickly deflate, they stay afloat for a long time.

This means that regardless if you buy foil balloons, heart-shaped balloons, or even personalised balloons, those made of Mylar will provide more enjoyment. This is just one reason why so many people prefer these balloons for children’s birthday parties, although they work for all kinds of different events and celebrations.

As for float time, this varies based on different factors. However, you can expect for this type of balloon to last up to four days on average. One factor has to do with size. For example, if you choose a larger balloon that measures 18 inches, it can easily stay afloat for as long as three weeks whereas a smaller balloon would not provide the same amount of float time.

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